How to reset you Internet Explorer settings to defaults

How to reset your internet explorer defaults

Over time and use, it's common for your internet explorer settings to get a little messed up, this can be due to malware or virus attack, toolbar installations, explorer add-ons or any number of other reasons. Fortunately its fairly simple to reset these to an out of the box state. One thing to take note of  though, if you have specific settings set up in you IE setup, for specific sites this will be lost after a reset so be sure this is the action you wish to take before doing so.

First load up internet explorer the press the alt key and the letter T. This will bring up the tools menu, choose Internet options, usually located at the bottom of the menu.

The last tab on the internet options page is "advanced" choose that and then at the bottom of this page you can see a Reset option. This will reset internet explorer to its as new defaults.

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