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Welcome to our own support knowladge base, we have tried to put together a collection of articles and guides which will hopefully be of use to our visitors. These will either be writen by ourselves or by reputable sites and we will ink direct to them in the case they are not our own, we will not copy paste somebody elses work. This area will constantly grow as we add to it so be sure to check back from time to time for more guides and useful info for helping with both the more common and most unusual of PC problems. If we are constantly coming across the same fault either onsite or in our workshop, there is a good chance you will see an article about it appear here.

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Winsock fix for windows XP

Setting a manual DNS server and which public server you should use

Reseting internet explorer defaults

Troubleshooting weak Wifi signals


Get Windows 10 for free, but should you?

Windows tools, scandisk and disk defragmentor

Is your computer running slow?


Computer randomly powers off, basic troubleshooting and repair


Resetting the SMC on a Mac


Changing your Windows password

How to remove a password you dont know

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